Friday, September 4, 2009

The Gate...FINALLY!

After nearly 2 months and 2 different welding shops, the new gate is finally installed!! We had it custom made using 2 decorative panels (that are visible in the center) we bought at D&B Farm Supply for $20@. These would have cost over $100 each to have them made locally. Thanks China!! haha
And before anyone starts soapboxing about outsourcing all our jobs to China, we paid nearly $900 to a local CDA shop for this damn thing! Kenton could have hammered it out in less than a day for under $100 in materials, but he's in Tucson and we're in CDA :( He'll get lots of work on the AZ properties :)

Barb leaves Sunday for another 2 week stint in Alabama. I'll be in CDA until the 14th, then to Twin Falls for 5 days with mom and dad, then on in Tucson first part of October to oversee the delivery and install of the park model trailer we just bought for Kenton & Tina to live in.