Monday, November 2, 2009

Western Caribbean Cruise Day #5

Today we're in Belize City. For a large Central American city, there are no high rises, just a cluster of small, old buildings. We were told by Tucson buddy Virgil Haugen to avoid the city proper so we opted for the Wallce River and Mayan Ruins tours. Great choice! We first boarded a small boat for a 5 mile journey up the Wallace River. Lots of jungle critters and crocodiles, iguanas, and birds. After the river, we boarded a bus to tour the Altun Ha Mayan Ruin Site. While not as dramatic as Chichen Itsa in Mexico, these ruins were pretty awesome! We climbed the steps of the main temple for a spectacular view. Barb leaned against the sacrifical out for the blood!!!!! Quick bus trip back to the port and we're off to next stop. Barb can't wait to snorkle in Honduras!!!

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