Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Western Caribbean Cruise Day #6

Awoke in our last port, Isla Roatan Honduras. Without a doubt our favorite port! Wooded hills and sandy beaches, not to mention the true blue of the Caribbean Sea :)

Barb couldn't wait to board the Jolly Roger catamaran and don the snorkel gear! The water was crystal clear and she saw many of the colorful fishies that one sees in a salt water aquarium. Also brought up a genuine conque shell :)She was the LAST one out of the water. They almost had to net her to get her aboard!! I stayed on the boat, took pictures, and drank rum (of course). I didn't want anyone mistaking me for Shamu and spearing me....haha

After the snorkeling adventure we walked through Gumbalinda Park, a developed "natural" rainforest filled with monkeys, iguana, birds, and tons of other wild critters. While exploring the caves we stumbled across a Conquistador and a pirate looking over his shoulder !!

We walked across a genuine rope bridge with crocodiles anxiously waiting for us to stumble and fall into the river.

The monkeys love snatching glasses and hats from the wandering humans below and will hop on your shoulders without warning. The parrots are also pretty tame.

Back on the ship for our last day at sea!

OH LOOK!!!! Barb brought a monkey back to our stateroom!

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